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Welcome to the Club Penguin Shops Council! This is where users can add new topics for wiki improvement and vote on current topics. Read below for more information.
Please note: this page is not for user rights. For that, you may want to go to our RfA.


Instructions for all the users

All the users can start a proposal/vote if he meets these points:

  • You must have an account on the Club Penguin Wiki Network
  • You must be active on Shops.

For more details, read the Voting Policy.

Instructions for users who start proposals

Each vote topic will be published in this way:

==<Topic name> (0)==
:Suggested by <your name>, on <date of proposal>.
===For (0)===
===Against (0)===

Instructions for voters

All the voters must remember these points:

  • You must vote in either "For" or "Against".
  • You must sign under the section "For/Against" using #~~~~.
  • you must change the number in the brackets up by 1, after you vote.
  • If you decide to change your vote from For to Against, or vice versa, or you just want to remove your vote in general, DO NOT remove the initial vote from the page. All you have to do is add <s> and </s>, respectively to the front and end of your original signature to strike it out.