The Sdgsgfs Test Wiki wishes to have a database that is helpful to visitors and safe & easy for editing. In case there is any inappropriate behavior, we will have to take action and enforce it. This policy lists all the rules of editing on this wiki and the consequences of breaking these rules. If you have any questions, take it to the talk page. In order to keep count of all offenses, we have an administrators' wiki (only admins can read it).

Notice Edit

The policy has total control over everything that goes on, including votes, nominations, editing, and even promotions. If a user is blocked or has a long blocking history, admins could stop the user from doing certain things such as nominations or being promoted due to not following the policy. Admins can also decide for a user not to be promoted if they are not trustworthy.

The 11 NO Policies (Policy Category I)Edit

The 11 NO Policies
No swearingWe at the Club Penguin Wiki take swearing and profanity seriously. Young children read this site, and might read inappropriate content. Swearing has serious consequences, and will not be tolerated.
No bullyingBullying is not permitted within the Club Penguin Wiki. Bullying a user makes them feel bad, scared, and unwelcome. Bullying is when a user picks on and harasses another user. This can be in the form of a personal attack or even a mass-messaging. Don't accuse people without good reason though. Criticism doesn't mean you're not welcome here, and it is mostly constructive.
No spamming or negatively changing articlesWe at the Club Penguin Wiki aim to have a database full of factual, canonical and helpful articles. We do not want the user to see gibberish inserted into pages, large amounts of text removed or replaced or spamming on articles.
No unrelated articlesIf you are going to create an article, please make sure it is about something on Club Penguin. You are allowed to create an article for a new confirmed location in Club Penguin, a character or an item but you are not allowed to create an article about your penguin or any other normal penguin. The article must have canonical content, and must be official. It must also be notable, you aren't allowed to make an article about a small aspect in Club Penguin (e.g the sound a puffle makes, or the list of different trees in Club Penguin). It must be an article within the Club Penguin franchise.
No links to inappropriate sitesYou cannot link to inappropriate websites. If you are going to link to a website, make sure it is clean with no inappropriate material. You are allowed to link to sites with mild swearing, but you must warn users before they visit the site.
No abusing your available powersYou must use your bureaucrat/sysop/rollback powers only when it is needed for the good of the wiki (not yourself). You cannot block people or change things just because it is your desire.
No advertising sub pages, products, or websitesYou are not allowed to advertise anything unrelated to Club Penguin (the game itself) and this wiki. Also, you are not allowed to mass advertise on anyone's talk page or in the chat about parties, sub pages, or anything unimportant without an admins permission. The only time you can advertise on someone's talk is if they granted you full permission.
No making fun of other people's race, nationality or genderRacism is taken VERY seriously, and is not allowed to be expressed on the Club Penguin Wiki. We allow people to edit here regardless of their race, gender, religion or background.
No abusing multiple accountsClick on link for more details.
No fightsHere at the Club Penguin Wiki we have a no tolerance policy. We consider fighting similar to bullying, and it can cause people to leave the wiki, or cause grudges between users. If you see fighting, please speak to the users involved, and try to calm them down. Collectively, we can solve all problems.
No plagiarismWe at the Sdgsgfs Test Wiki take plagiarism seriously. We work hard every day to create and edit content to keep the site up-to-date and do not tolerate plagiarism. If plagiarized content is posted on this site, it could get us into trouble with the law.

In accordance with this policy, you may also not take any content from without properly citing the content. Copying content from there will result in deletion of the content (article and/or file) and an instant block. For other cases of plagiarism, see below.

User Account Policies (Category III)Edit

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