Almost everyone in this wiki, quits after a long period or even a short period of time. They stop contributing and simply leaving the wiki. If you ever decided to quit this wiki, you must do that quietly without any dramas. Just remember, if you're quitting because of a serious violation of the policy, let the admins handle it. Moaning about it in a blog won't make things better. Just ask an admin and they will be able to help you by using their powers to sufficiently punish any users that have done things wrong.

The best way to announce that you quitted is to...Edit

Rule (1)

The {{Retired}} Template you can use to announce that you quitted.

Rule (2)

Some users also just write in their User Page that they quitted.

  • Send messages to your friends in the wiki telling them that you quitted.
  • Make a blog post (Without adding comment option).
  • Add the template {{Retired}} in your User Page to show others that you left the wiki.

Remember that you can still...Edit

  • Meet your friends in the wiki.
  • Edit, add images and all in the wiki.
  • Make blogs about anything including your parties in Animal Crossing and meetings too.

You are not allowed to...Edit

  • Mention other users' usernames in your reason for quitting. This may offend many people.
  • Vandalize the wiki after you quitted.


By making a big fuss about your leaving via a blog, you can't be blocked for obvious reasons (you are leaving). However, other users may get involved into the situation, and if things get heated up blocks may be handed out unfortunately. So please don't make a fuss about it, you are getting other people into trouble for reasons that wouldn't have happened before such a situation.

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