There are many wikis that are either related to Club Penguin or not related to Club Penguin. Club Penguin Wiki is ready to make any relations with any wiki that want to make relations with Club Penguin Wiki.

To make a relation or treaty...Edit

  • Both wikis community must give their votes and agreements for the treaty/relation.
  • Their must be a meeting between the wikis admins before any relations confirmed.
  • Only the leader of the wiki (admin or bureacrat) are to sign the treaty, after of course the agreement of the community of both wikis.

Club Penguin Wiki made a treaty with...Edit

  1. Club Penguin Fanon Wiki.

The rules to be followedEdit

  • Users of both sides must follow the rules of both wikis.
  • Users of both sides must show respect to users of both wikis.
  • Users must not influencing users to move that wiki and leave the wiki he currently edits.
  • Users must not advertise the wiki in another wiki.

Other important rules to be followedEdit

  • We should respect our different ideals and rules and should not rant about them.
  • We should not exaggerate block times on a user that comes from the CPFW (vice versa).
  • As official friends, we are allowed to give feedback one another's policies and ideas.
    • This feedback can point out problems and criticisms, as long as they are beneficial to either wiki and have an emphasis on suggestions.
    • Feedback must be placed on the wiki that the feedback is concerning, as a sign of respect and awareness.
    • Feedback pages such as forums or blogs cannot be deleted or removed unless they do not follow these rules.
  • Users that only contribute to the CPFW have to follow the voting policy.
  • All users, from any wiki, must be given an equal start. It is prohibited to handicap a user in another wiki physically or psychologically (e.g. spread propaganda about a user).
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